Many people are diagnosed with this condition and as we age, it becomes more common to see DJD in the spine. It can be caused from spinal injury, aging of the spine, wear and tear, poor posture, scoliosis, acute or chronic injuries. This video is a great explanation of DJD and some of the symptoms that it can cause. By having your spine checked and have an x-ray taken if necessary, it helps to see YOUR spine's current condition and assess it's well being. Spinal checks are preventative measures taken to prevent further damage to your spine that can prevent or delay DJD to happen at a younger age. 

Like our teeth, unfortunately our spine can get neglected as well. To book regular dental checks can help prevent cavities and fillings by dentist that can save the health of your teeth and also expensive costs. To check your spine regularly at a younger age is the same preventative measurement that can be taken to insure a healthier spine and prevent further dis-ease.