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Free Consultation for NEW PATIENTS which includes a full spinal examination. Ask about our monthly promo deal and take advantage of savings for your initial consult.

Fill in the form below and request an appointment today. Please mention the special offer promo in your request.

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You can also call clinic 02 9051-2855 or sms us on 0415 527 571.

New Year Promos 2019:

New patients: Ask about our in clinic promo

Couples treatment packages

Kids: Use health fund and pay no Gap



Initial Treatment: $99

Second Treatment-Report: $89


Bulk Billing (Enhanced Primary Care Plan): Need a Doctor's referral


Chiropractic and Dry Needling (Acupunture)

Initial Treatment: $109 • Ongoing Standard Treatments $79


Chiropractic+ Dry Needling + Cupping

Initial Treatment: $119 • Ongoing Standard Treatments $89


Orthotics and Gait Assessment

Price of assessment is included in the price of orthotics. Can discuss with Chiropractor in clinic


Nutritional Consultation

Initial Appointment $95, Ongoing Standard $75

Get a break down on your food and diet which can be an important aspect of the pain staying in your body.Nutrition is key in bringing the inflammation down. Learn what works for your body by customise plan.


Deep Tissue Massage

60 MINUTES $100 • 90 MINUTES $150

Get treated to remedial massage before or after your chiropractic appointment which is a great combination to get best results for your treatment progress. Our Therapists are well trained in remedial, sports, deep tissue, hot stone and relaxing massage. 


Women's Health and Advise

Initial Consultation $120, Standard Consultation $85

Incontinence, pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss, low self esteem, depression, hormonal changes, mood swings, addictions are just some of the problems that can be helped and assessed here. 






Our Clinic is located besides the Post Office:

Spine Chiropractic Meadowbank

Shepard Bay Meadowbank Village Plaza

7.9/11 Bay Drive, Meadowbank, NSW 2114

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