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Meadowbank Chiropractor


Dr. Nasim Vesalpour

Sports Chiropractor in Meadowbank,  just a few minutes from Top Rye shopping centre and West Ryde, treating all types of muscular and joint pain such as back pain, headache, sports injury, joint dysfunction, herniated disc, TMJ dysfunction,  lower back pain , pain during  pregnancy, pre and post surgical rehab, and rehabilitation after an injury. 

Bulk Billing under Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC) if approved by a GP referral is accepted at the clinic, with the exception of waiving the gap payment for seniors and concession patients. Your health and wellbeing is our priority and our chiropractor assesses each case individually.



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Women's Health & Wellness

Did you know that many of the problems that women deal with every day from a simple headache to severe back ache, can be related to internal hormonal problems. There has been studies shown the correlation of the Sacro-iliac joint dysfunction with women who suffer from Polycystic Ovarian disease. Poor Nutrition and weight play an important role. Read more and let our experts help you resolve and address each issue accordingly. 


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You will receive 100% in each category and your treatment will be based on all or a combination of the services.

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