Chiropractic:  Full Spine Examination


During our initial assessment, if the findings suggests that you will benefit with chiropractic treatment and care, we will go ahead to perform a full spinal assessment and examination.

Our assessment and examination may be different for everyone depending on what we find out in your health's history. This always helps us to what exam to perform:


This is an evaluation of your spine, postural assessment, weight, height, blood pressure, pulse and it includes objective measurements. 


These exams are used to test your movements for your muscles in the skeletal system with limited and full range of motion.


We’ll test your nerves including deep and superficial: dermatomes, your reflexes,  strength of your muscles and concentrate on your central nervous system (CNS).


These tests can include palpation-(touch and feel the joint, muscle, feeling the spine movements), assessing your posture and assessing problems with a neurological cause.



Radiological X-ray, MRI and CT scans, are all great diagnostic tools used at the clinic that can help and assist in the diagnosis of the patient. In our clinic, our chiropractor pays extra attention to scientific approach. GP's access for referral available on site. 

What to expect on Second Visit:

We will do a ROF: Report of Finding

That includes Spinography, going over your examinations and findings, coming up with the best treatment and management plan customised for you.

Spinography is the chiropractic art of analysing x-rays for the following purposes

  1. Finding the misalignment

  2. Having a clear understanding of the anatomy that can cause the misalignment of the spine.

  3. Customising the most appropriate treatment option for each patient.  


Chiropractic treatment and our techniques can be a combination of both manual and gentle techniques suited to each patient's comfort level. Soft tissue,dry needling (acupuncture), cupping, stretch...are just some of the treatment forms. Find out more

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