Tennis Elbow


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Tennis Elbow:

Tennis Elbow is a condition that the pain is usually due to the inflammation by the lateral epicondyle and the extensor muscles surrounding the joint. The pain is in the lateral part of the elbow and the inner part of the forearm. It gets its name from the repetitive activity such as tennis that uses the forearm to open and extend and bring in the elbow in repetitive action. 
It gets better with the stop of the activity, but treatment is necessary to bring the inflammation down and if left alone, the pain can persist from months to years. 
At Spine Chiropractic, our Chiropractor can suggest proper treatment around the joint. Dry needling is a technique that has been seen to give great result to bring the inflammation down plus proper management techniques at home can be suggested with stretches and exercises to help speed up the recovery period. We also have access to Physiotherapy at the clinic, who can further help with Physical Therapeutic devices such as Ultra Sound and Tens to help assist in the patients treatment plan.