Cervicogenic Headache

a common cause is nerve root impingement in the upper neck region. 


As there could be up to 17 different types of headaches, some of the most common types that is seen on a daily basis in the clinic can be headache from muscle tightness in the neck area, knows as cervicogenic headache. Then there is the band type headache that can be one side or both sides of the head and face radiating in both eyes, up in the forehead and its called Tension Type Headache. And our classic form of headache; the Migraine, with many symptoms such as feeling noxious, eye pain, dizziness, and sensitivity to light and smell. 

Chiropractic can help to assess different types of headaches and help release the pressure within the cervical joints, loosening the tightness in the muscles of the sub occiput and the neck. The cervical ganglion and the cervical plexus pass within C1-C4 in the spine, and where there is a misalignment in the spine, that can affect all the functions that the cervical plexus is responsible for. Motor  sensory, concentration, even to give messages for the hormones to be released in the body from the parotid gland. The Cervical Ganglion at the junction of C1-C4 is also responsible for action of many of the muscles in the head and neck in that region, that can cause severe headache and discomfort when misaligned. As a chiropractor, we assess the head and neck in all range of movements, testing muscles strength, nerves, reflexes, movement of muscles and joints to help diagnose the main reason for the root of the problem.