Carpel Tunnel Syndrome




Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS):

This is a condition that pain is caused in the wrist and hand due to impingement of the median nerve. Usually the third middle finger is affected, and wrist flexion and extension really causes irritation in the wrist and hand. Hand weakness is caused in motor functions and patient likes to shake his/her hand for relief. Causes of CTS may come from history of hypothyroidism, pregnancy, hand injury, nerve irritation in the neck or even poor repetitive motion, such as typing every day in a certain position. 

At Spine Chiropractic, with proper assessment of the spine, the patient can be diagnosed whether the pain caused maybe due to irritation of the nerves due to misalignment in the cervical vertebrae of the head and neck. The patient will be treated with chiropractic adjustment, mobilisation, soft tissue, dry needling, stretching, PIR, ART and physical therapeutics.