Back Pain


Back Pain:

Back pain is amongst common experienced type of pain amongst adults. But it is becoming more and more common with the young generation having more exposure to electronic devices such as mobiles and ipads and less activity. The most common type of back pain is disc degeneration, which can be from spine injures like sprains in the ligaments and fractures due to loss in the disc height from poor nutrition, loss of calcium in the bone, hereditary or compound injuries. This can lead further into osteoporosis, causing weakness in the bones, and joint. But back pain can be symptom of many other medical problems. Dysfunction in the kidneys causes back pain, different types of cancer can cause back pain, sciatica and nerve impingement can cause back pain and more. 

At Spine Chiropractic, we take into affect different reasons for the cause of the back pain and treat the cause, not the symptom. This means we work closely with other health professionals if required for a second and third opinion, to have the best management plan prepared for each individual case. 

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