Ankle and Foot Pain:

Have you assessed your gait and feet? It is so important to see whether your back pain, knee pain is originating from your feet. Enquire in for a free assessment today.

Achilles tendinitis, flat feet, rolled ankle, sprained ligaments of the ankle joint are some of the most common problems seen every day in a chiropractors office. We assess the foot’s mobility, stability and gait. Besides functional problems such as leg length discrepancy from poor posture that can affect the ankle, foot and surrounding ligaments and joints, at Spine Chiropractic Meadowbank, we assess any structural problems with the foot such as flat feet, in toeing, internal tibial torsion of the knee that may affect the overall outcome. 

Treatments may be a combination of adjustment to the joint, mobilisation of the foot and ligaments, taping, foot orthotics, heel lift, dry needling, massage, bracing, hot and cold therapy and physical therapeutics. We also have access to podiatrist and physiotherapist at our clinic who can further assist you if required.